Workplace stress: Tips to revive

Last term was longer than usual and many plodded to its end. My husband and I both fell prey to the flu – once we had a lull to rest. At times, our immune system becomes so depleted that it is not surprising if we fall ill. On this ‘Stop the world, I want to get off’ hurdy-gurdy, physical illness may be our only way out.

 Let’s ensure that run to end of the year isn’t all downhill. 

In a 21st century workplace we’re on the go 24/7. Urgent emails and texts expect a response ASAP or yesterday. We pep up on caffeine, energy drinks, sugar and fast food, living on our adrenalin until that’s worn. With little chance for downtime, adrenal fatigue can catch us out.

I’ve been there, done the fieldwork and learned a few preventative measures myself! At Maryborough Conference when I presented: 

Tips to rejuvenate and overcome workplace challenges 

Allan Latham said ‘You had me so relaxed I nearly fell off the chair!’ 

Join this workshop at MTAQ AGM on February 22, 2014. It’s based on a chapter called ‘Me’ Time in my new book, Sounds and Souls: How music teachers change livesavailable in hard copy and Amazon Kindle

Workshop participants learn simple techniques and exercises that can fill a few free moments at the desk between lessons:

  • Breathe, breathe, breathe! (Don’t we forget when rushing?)
  • Yoga style breathing and gentler movements like twists. 
  • Stretches: rotate your ankles (relaxes legs) and wrists (helps arm tension). Ease tense muscles with turtle shrugs and neck rolls.
  • Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy (available at health stores and many chemists.) Take a few drops when needed.
  • Herb teas like Rooribos/liquorice root/green, mate or ginseng may help.
  • Eat regular meals, especially a solid breakfast, or “graze” on healthy snacks every few hours to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Consult with your doctor, naturopath or nutritionist in case certain supplements may boost your energy. Women, check iron levels.Unwind in a warm bath with your mix of essential oils, bubbles and Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate).
  • Schedule some ‘Me’ time each week and enough sleep.

Above all… keep looking up, smile as often as you can.