How many book launches?

When you’re so excited abut it, let’s party! And Karl Johan Back, hero of Burn My Letters is enjoying the attention–as you can see in his Facebook page @BurnMyLetters (Burn My Letters: Karl Johan Back)

KJ Back and Orchid

Another launch at Sunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival by festival director, Wendy O’Hanlon.

Now for book signings; Brisbane people, do say hello tomorrow at a book signing at Mary Ryan’s Book Shop, Milton.

Did you receive your copy?

Those who ordered books pre-publication should have received copies of the first book last month. The second book is on its way…Book 2 will release in March 2017. Did I say November this year? Rash…I listened to wise advice that there’s no rush. People are still reading and absorbing Book 1 of the series. Many offer interesting feedback and comments that I will integrate.

Book 2 must be as good, if not better than Book 1, so March is a more feasible option. 70 years ago, on March 6, the foundation stone was laid for the University of Queensland, on land developed by a consortium Granddad W.A.Back led. Even more relevant, it’s the centenary of the Russian Revolution, that led to the demise of the hated Tsarist regime.  It spread to Finland, leading to Finnish Independence later that year.

Thank you!

Thank you to wonderful Finnish people, both in Finland and in Australia, who so appreciate my efforts to interpret heritage and history through my books. Who have encouraged me to publish a Swedish translation in time for the centenary of Finnish Independence. To those who sang Finlandia at my Brisbane book launch with such fervour that brought tears to many eyes. To cousins, my husband Antoni, and sons, for your support.

“Mycket intressant bok. Rekommenderas!” –Stina Mellberg

“I just loved your book Burn my letters! I’d like to buy the other one as well.” –

–Annika Wiklund-Engblom

Book Signing on Saturday

Those of you in the Brisbane/SE Queensland area are most welcome to come by at Mary Ryan’s Bookstore in Milton, Brisbane between 11am-1pm for your personalised autographed copy. Or order at


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Thanks for the 5 Star reviews!

After a decade of research and a lifetime’s percolating, it’s heartwarming to have all-5 star-reviews!

Enjoy the stories!