Win Music Books for Book Week

Sure, there’s Harry Potter. But what about books for music students? Surely there are some? Yes. And here’s a Book Week special; autographed copies of two of my books for young musicians – at a 2 for 1 deal.

Spring special – Motivate Practice and Empower performance

The books are:

• Practice is a Dirty Word: How to clean up your act

• Confident Music Performance: Fix the fear of facing an audience

The practice book:
• tackles head-on students’ excusesG# melodic
• highlights classic time wasters
• shows how to set goals and plan practice time
• how to program the brain for success
• fix mistakes and rhythmic glitches
• jazz up stale practice
• demystify and face scales

Order online in the next week and receive 2 books for the price of 1

Practice Cover

“Stimulating, thought provoking, and engagingly written by an experienced professional musician and teacher … highly recommended for music teachers, parents and music students.” – AccessEd

This book is non-threatening and easy to read. The author is aiming at students, but the psychology behind her wise words would be helpful to many parents and teachers as well. Ruth Bonetti has inspired me. I’m off to make music.
-Good Reading

More reviews at Good Reads and Amazon Where you can get my eBooks

  • Music Scales: Tips to Make Them Happen
  • Speak Out: Don’t Freak Out
  • Sounds and Souls: How music teachers change lives
Post reviews there and WIN 3 copies as thank you

Email me the link and your address, and receive 3 books:

  • One for you – because these books don’t return when lent!
  • One for your most motivated student as a reward and to lift them higher
  • One for that – um – student…


But your students are motivated, they perform with confidence, right?

If not… Here are solutions and doable tips.